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domingo, 25 de março de 2012

Meditações - as Estações


FLATTERED with promise of escape
From every hurtful blast,
Spring takes, O sprightly May! thy shape,
Her loveliest and her last.

Less fair is summer riding high
In fierce solstitial power,
Less fair than when a lenient sky
Brings on her parting hour.

When earth repays with golden sheaves
The labours of the plough,
And ripening fruits and forest leaves
All brighten on the bough;

What pensive beauty autumn shows,
Before she hears the sound
Of winter rushing in, to close
The emblematic round!

Such be our Spring, our Summer such;
So may our Autumn blend
With hoary Winter, and Life touch,
Through heaven-born hope, her end!

William Wordsworth

1 comentário:

João de Castro Nunes disse...

Tirando o termo "outono", que etimologicamente aponta noutra direcção, os restanes, designando as estações do ano, logicamente três (princípio, meio e fim), possuem todos o mesmo radical, a saber: "prima-ver-a", "ver-ão", "in-ver-no". Será?... JCN