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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2018

Meditações - um dia, ficaremos sem Tempo


You are the thing that I can't get enough of. I need you, but you are never there. When I have you, I waste you on sitcoms about friends that are unrealistic. When you are here, it's only for a short while. Why can't I save you for a rainy day? Do I only get 24 hours for a day? That's not nearly enough. That's not nearly enough of you to get my homework done, to finish that project at work, to visit grandma, to watch my brothers game, to get enough sleep, to show how much I love her, to make dinner and to relax. You are constant and flowing. You are a pissed off driver. You stop for no one. You leave us with little memories of you in albums that we keep and videos that are on our hard drives. One day we will run out of you. We don't know when that day will come. We don't know the year, the month, the week or the second and that's the beauty of life. We don't know when you'll ever leave us, so we need to treat you like every day is a goodbye.


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