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segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

Selo de Qualidade Fleurier acrescenta 100 por cento de manufactura na Suíça aos seus critérios

O selo de qualidade Fleurier, de que fazem parte a Chopard, a Parmigiani Fleurier, a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier e a Bovet Fleurier anunciou um quinto critério - o de manufactura a 100 por cento na Suíça.

Lido no site da Fédération Horlgére:

(August 27, 2012)

On 26 June this year, members of the Fleurier Quality Foundation announced that they were strengthening the label by adding a fifth criterion: 100% manufactured in Switzerland.

Since 2004, Fleurier Quality certification, established by the Chopard, Parmigiani Fleurier, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier and Bovet Fleurier brands, has made its mark in the world of watchmaking certification through its demanding criteria and rigorous application. The certification procedure, conducted on the watch as delivered to the end customer, stands out by its relevance and its credibility, since it is verified by an independent technical commission. When it was established it comprised four criteria: accuracy, with each timepiece checked by the COSC, durability and reliability through Chronofiable tests, accuracy on the wrist thanks to a 24-hour session on the Fleuritest simulator, specially developed by the Foundation, and quality craftsmanship, through the inspection of finishing criteria conforming to the requirements of prestige watchmaking. Conscious of the fact that the high quality of Swiss products and their authenticity were key attractions for their clients, the brands decided to add a fifth criterion to the label: 100% manufactured in Switzerland. This guarantees that all operations in the fields of design, manufacture, assembly and inspection of the watch head and its components have been carried out in Switzerland, except for unprocessed items (raw materials).

The requirements of the «100% manufactured in Switzerland» criterion concern the watch head, with the bracelet and clasp falling outside its scope. The watch head is considered in three parts: the case, the display, the complete movement and its casing-ring. There are no restrictions concerning the origin of materials. Processing of the latter to create advanced semi-finished products (cut, stamped or die-forged blanks) and finished products must be carried out on Swiss soil, with the exception of rolling, drawing and wiredrawing operations. The different types of processing, decoration and finishing applied to components (heat treatment, electroplating, metallization, PVD, CVD, chamfering, polishing, satin-finishing, circular-graining, jewel-setting, etc) must be carried out in Switzerland. Conception, design and prototyping of the watch head must also take place in Switzerland. The different assembly stages after final transformation of the material, namely pre-assembly, assembly, fitting, timing, finishing, casing-up and final inspection, must be carried out on Swiss soil. There are some exceptions however: the place of origin of the watch design is left to the discretion of brands. The cutting of precious stones may be carried out abroad. If certain processes or treatments are unavailable in Switzerland, they will be notified to the group of experts who will rule on their acceptability.

Fleurier Quality Foundation experts will carry out regular inspections to verify compliance with the hallmark. Applicants must make available to experts a duly completed inspection protocol indicating for the case, display and movement, the place of production of each operation and the place of manufacture of each component, as well as the identity of any suppliers and subcontractors. On demand, means of verification (delivery note, certificate of origin, etc) must be supplied. Applicants must also be available for possible audits conducted on the manufacturing site and on the premises of subcontractors. The new Fleurier Quality label takes effect immediately, with brands already prepared upstream in order to meet the requirements of this additional fifth criterion.

The Fleurier Quality label is open to all watch brands, whether based in Val de Travers or elsewhere, even in Europe. More detailed information is available at

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