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sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

Meditações - longos são os dias

The Tryst

Long are the hours the sun is above.
But when evening comes I go home to my love.

I'm away the daylight hours and more,
Yet she comes not down to open the door.

She does not meet me upon the stair, —
She sits in my chamber and waits for me there.

As I enter the room she does not move :
I always walk straight up to my love;

And she lets me take my wonted place
At her side, and gaze in her dear dear face.

There as I sit, from her head thrown back
Her hair falls straight in a shadow black.

Aching and hot as my tired eyes be,
She is all that I wish to see.

And in my wearied and toil-dinned ear,
She says all things that I wish to hear.

Dusky and duskier grows the room,
Yet I see her best in the darker gloom.

When the winter eves are early and cold.
The firelight hours are a dream of gold.

And so I sit here night by night.
In rest and enjoyment of love's delight.

But a knock at the door, a step on the stair
Will startle, alas, my love from her chair.

If a stranger comes she will not stay:
At the first alarm she is off and away.

And he wonders, my guest, usurping her throne.
That I sit so much by myself alone.

Robert Bridges

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João de Castro Nunes disse...

Dos dias a duração
depende das circunstâncias
em que é feita a medição
das respectivas distâncias!