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segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Malmaison The Hour Glass - superlativo do luxo mundial da relojoaria em Singapura

O líder no retalho de luxo na Ásia, The Hour Glass, acaba de lançar o espaço Malmaison, com uns impressionantes 750 metros quadrados, o maior da sua rede, localizado em Knightsbridge, no coração de Orchard Road, em Singapura.

Inspirado pelo Château de Malmaison, a célebre morada do século XIX de Napoleão e Josefina Bonaparte, Malmaison by The Hour Glass define-se como "espaço único no pódio dos pontos de venda, concebido para ser um santuário de objectos verdadeiramente luxuosos".

Pela primeira vez, e para além de peças de Alta Relojoaria, The Hour Glass apresentará um leque variado de refinados objectos de arte, joalharia e outros produtos que incluem adereços masculinos, perfumes e literatura de colecção.

"The concept of Malmaison has been realised on the back of the global financial crisis to reflect the evolved and highly discerning consumer's taste and preference. Malmaison has not only fulfilled our enduring desire to create a unique luxury emporium concept in the global retail landscape, it also fuels our long term vision to be the world's leading cultural enterprise", explica Michael Tay, Executive Director da The Hour Glass Limited. "Created to provide an enchanting, stimulating and differentiated retail experience with timeless objects of desire and iconic pieces to be appreciated by the discerning, Malmaison redefines the retail environment by disrupting the traditional norms of the trade and spearheading a new era of “post-luxury” cultural retail experience.

"In today’s world of homogenous corporatization of luxury, Malmaison aims to stand out by celebrating the original concept of luxury – authentic objects of true exclusivity and longevity, created from the hands of true passion and artisanship. Devoid of gimmickries, fashion trends or excessive branding, the intrinsic quality of each product shines through brilliantly.

"Malmaison endeavours to bring to the forefront an appreciation of the culture of authentic luxury, housing products with soul and perpetual value that can only come about when it has been created through pure artistry and craftsmanship, with a dose of poetry for good measure.

“Malmaison is about celebrating the ingenuity of the human mind - that Man has progressed so far as to create, simply with an idea and their hands, an object of such impassioned refinement”, explica Michael Tay.

O espaço de 75o metros quadrados está espalhado por dois andares e os clientes entram por uma porta privada, com acesso a elevadores igualmente privados.

“With Malmaison, we wanted to avoid the typical model of luxury ‘brandalisation’ where every brand’s flagship boutiques are based on an identical experience. We want to decry this notion of homogeniality. Malmaison deliberately introduces a bold retail concept where we combine a differentiated merchandising philosophy in an inspired setting to disrupt the traditional norms defining luxury,” conclui Mr Michael Tay.

The Hour Glass persistiu em destinar Malmaison essencialmente para a Alta Relojoaria. Desde logo, conseguindo expor relógios de parede e de mesa, com mais de 300 anos, devidamente restaurados, da autoria de Charles Le Roy, Relojoeiro Mestre de Napoleão.

Depois, apresenta um portefólio contemporâneo que inclui Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Sohne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, Panerai, IWC, H. Moser, De Bethune, Alain Silberstein, MB&F ou Urwerk. As jóias de Cartier, Harry Winston e Piaget não poderiam faltar...
No espaço Malmaison, outras marcas estarão representadas, além da Relojoaria e Joalharia:

Malmaison is proud to present one of the world’s finest bespoke handcrafted shoes. The Frenchman made his youthful debut of the craft at 16, when he joined Les Compagnons du Devoir, a guild of craftsmen and artisans that can trace its roots back to the Middle Ages. Armed with 6 years of ceaseless technical education in traditional craft, he joined the illustrious ateliers of John Lobb and then Berluti, taking over the reins as Chef d’Atelier in the latter. In 1990, he created his own eponymous label, and a legend is born. Each pair of Pierre Corthay shoes represents the best in British technical construction with the unparalled French skill for refined elegance. Bold and innovative, be it in the cut or in choice of hand-painted palettes, Pierre Corthay injects sophistication with a hint of poetry and art in his creations; and always, crafted to the highest exacting standards set by Pierre Corthay in accordance to the strict ethos of traditional craft. A selection of Pierre Corthay ready-to-wear line, hand-made in France, as well as bespoke service, is available at Malmaison. This is Pierre Corthay’s first point-of-sale in South-east Asia. Pierre Corthay is arguably France's most talented bespoke shoemaker. He was awarded the prestigious lifetime title of “Maître d’Art” by the government of France and creates shoes that are simply genius. The “Master of Art” designation for artisans of France is not bestowed lightly. Created to recognize true creators, exceptional masters in their own fields, excellence is not judged solely on mastery in techniques, but also in the genius of bringing to perfection and ceaseless enriching it, forever preserving heritage and ensuring contemporary creation.

Rubinacci pays special attention to details and especially the cut, applying the correct techniques to their creations for they advocate that each garment is defined by a man, his interests, hobbies and personal style. Rubinacci remains today, an esteemed tailoring house devoted to timeless elegance and refinement, with a reverence to fashion. Rubinacci is made for the confident gentleman with a panache for the bold. Malmaison is Rubinacci’s first platform in Asia, after Japan. Besides bespoke services, Rubinacci’s ready-to-wear blazers, ties and cashmere scarves are available at Malmaison.

Founded in 1838, Charvet’s exceptionally long history is associated with many famous customers from artists to politicians. Its lineage can be traced back to when Charvet was chief curator of wardrobe for Emperor Bonaparte himself. The world’s first ever shirt shop, the legacy of Charvet tailoring is immortalized forever in literature and today, still found in the wardrobes of the world’s best dressed men including the Duke of Windsor and the late Yves Saint Laurent. A must-visit for the sartorial sophisticate today, Charvet remains France’s finest shirtmaker with its atelier at Place Vendome, Paris - the only shirtmaker on this prestigious address. Known internationally for its neckties and the silk cuffknots, Malmaison carries a choice selection of rich colours and patterns, including its quintessential shirts, from Charvet’s ready-to-wear collection. Malmaison is the first retail outpost of Charvet in Asia. The magic is in the details. Rubinacci is revered for its stunning tailoring and mastery in the craft of tailored garments and accessories. Hailing from 3 generations of craftsmen devoted to elegant refined dressing, this sartorial brand from Naples has counted Neopolitan nobility as customers since the 1920’s. The family’s time-honored expertise has invariably created a perfect unification of traditional craftsmanship and the latest trends. They are the first tailors in Italy to use British fabrics such as cheviots and Shetland wool.

The Celsius X VI II is an amalgamation of a mobile phone and a watch that integrates a patented rewinding mechanism hidden within its hinge. Thanks to complex micromechanics, opening the phone activates the internal device. The design of this phone was influenced by tourbillion pocket watches, which were invented back in the late 18th century. This is a beacon of revolution which encapsulates the founders’ dream of drawing on historical roots to humanise the future of communication. Witness the innovation of Celsius only at Malmaison, its first and only stop in South-east Asia.

It started out as a dream: Celsius’ founders wondered, in an era of increasingly impersonal interaction, how does one restore the emotional facets of communication? The vision: To create a micromechanical phone where every function of the mobile phone would operate mechanically through the sole human energy. Transcending beyond either time-telling or mobile functions, Celsius embodies the integration of two seemingly polar universes – coupled with a superlative quality finishing - giving leave to the creation of a new artform – nomadic objets d’art. How can a modern sophisticated high telephonic platform be integrated and powered with the most precious, yet most traditional of haute horology principals - complete with a flying tourbillion? By utilizing the high precision mechanical capability of the Swiss unique men’s accessories, pioneering a new segment in high-end luxury products. Made of only the finest materials of only precious stones and metals, each piece is hand-finished and meticulously put together with the exacting standards required of high precision micro-engineering. Roland Iten’s exceptional mechanical belt buckles, cuff-links and other gents’ accessories are available for discovery at Malmaison.

The art of mechanical music can be traced back to the 14th century. In existence since the 19th century, the Reuge name has never departed from its art, riding through periods of great changes of new innovations and technology. Today, Reuge remains one of the last great masters in the art of mechanical music, producing some the world’s most collectible luxury music boxes and life-like singing birds complete with real feathers, and musical pocket watches. Bespoke service is available at Malmaison, to personalise design, function and even music. From Swiss traditional to avant-garde showpieces that show the intricate movements within, Reuge is also available in box sets comprising of humidors and compartments for storing cigars and cognac. Reuge is the ultimate exclusive gift for discerning individuals, with its highly
customizable flexibility.

Frédéric Malle has the art of fragrance in his blood. The grandson of Serge Heftler Louiche, founder of Parfums Christian Dior, he has worked in the industry for decades. Tired of creating commercial scents for the masses under corporate constraints, Frédéric Malle set out to create his very own line in 2000, with a completely original proposal - exclusive, creative fragrances composed by the world’s leading ‘noses’ and sold under the creators’ names. In line with his “back to the basics” philosophy, the perfumes are full-fledged works of art limited only by the imagination of their composers. The result is a stunning collection of fragrances made from the most innovative and unique ingredients. Applying the slogan, “Fragrance without compromise” to his brand ethos, Frédéric Malle features 19 exceptional perfumes created from the hands of a diverse group of inimitable artistes. Recently in April 2011, the fragrance “Portrait of a Lady” by Dominique Ropion won the Marie Claire International Award France 2011 for Best Perfume. Synonymous with Frédéric Malle, Malmaison features 3 of its patented smelling columns. The columns emulate the same tools that perfumery professionals use, faithfully recreating the “aura” of each scent, allowing customers to have a clearer picture of the true scent of a fragrance, of how it will linger on a person. For the first time in South-east Asia, and after Tokyo and Hong Kong in Asia, Malmaison carries the full range of Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums, candles and rubber incense.

In 1811, Napolean gave a single gift when his son was born – a Trudon candle encrusted with 3 pieces of gold featuring his head. The oldest and most prestigious wax-maker in France since 1643, Maison Trudon was royal wax supplier through the ages, from Louis XIII‘s reign to Napolean’s Empire. Maison Trudon prospered throughout the centuries, producing the highest quality candles for the cathedrals of the land, and some of the world’s greatest names. Its long lineage gives it an unparalled know-how in wax-making and Cire Trudon Candles have been referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of candles. Its all-natural qualities and paraffin-free wax, blended with perfume, make for a remarkable candle with a brilliant tolerance for scent diffusion and can burn longer. Paying tribute to its historic past, Cire Trudon carries an array of concoctions of smells – that revisits memories of moments past. With names like “Empire” (the scent outside an imperial tent after a battle) or “Manon” (the delicious scent of fresh cupboard, swilled down tile floors and Parisian laundry maids), the quaintness and romance of inspired memories are captured in Cire Trudon candles.

Glajz Collections Prive makes its debut at Malmaison on the second floor. Glaiz jewellery pieces dazzle with beauty, rarity and luxury in their fine collections. Haute joaillerie of the most exceptional design and quality, Glajz is a key global distributor of one of the world’s rarest stones – Argyle Pink diamonds. Founded by Mr. John Glajz, an Australian based in Singapore, who has been in the industry for over 30 years, Glajz-THG is a joint venture with The Hour Glass since 1990.

A fine jewellery brand with an inimitable gender-neutral design, cult brand Shamballa has amassed an international clientale of celebrities, rock stars and royalty. Shamballa features a juxtaposition of modern Scandinavian design and ancient Indian and Tibetan philosophy to deliver a brilliant mix of two cultures to create unique, recognizable pieces of jewellery which is apparent in their collection of bracelets and necklaces. The most familiar of their designs are the macramé-and-jewel pave braided bracelets; which brought Shamballa instant fame when supermodel Helena Christensen wore it to the Oscars. Malmaison is Shamballa’s debut presence in Asia.

Devoted to literature on some of the greatest artists of our times, Taschen’s publishing philosophy holds no boundaries on genres or themes; united by the creative energy that inspires millions of readers across the globe. The first exclusive Taschen book store in Asia, Malmaison carries a veritable trove of one of the most well-known publishers around the world. A genre of the finest titles of collectible literature from the varied fields of design, art, fashion, history and philosophy are featured. Come and discover for yourself, the enriching and inspiring culture of Taschen.

Sold in some of the most sophisticated stores around the world such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and London, fashionistas here would be pleased to know that Malmaison is her first retailer in South-east Asia, retailing her most iconic ranges such as friendship charms, spiked cuffs and gold filigree lace cuffs. Trained in gemology with a Masters in art history, French jewellry designer Aurélie Bidermann is renowned for her exquisite craftsmanship and unusual collections of jewellery. Having begun her career shortly after moving to New York, her eponymous label, launched in 2003, is an eclectic mix of bohemian and rock'n'roll edge. Her poetic creations are a true reflection of Peace, Love, Serenity and Fantasy which are the philosophies of the brand. She has garnered a faithful international following - celebrities and rock stars alike such as Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker and also the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Her pieces have been seen on celebrities from Sarah Harding to Alexa Chung who were spotted wearing the designer pieces at the 2011 London Fashion Week. Other celebrity followers include Rihanna and Cheryl Cole. Her collection is housed by major stockists, fine department stores and specialty boutiques worldwide, and now Malmaison, her first in the region.

AS 29
Audrey Savransky, a fourth generation Belgian diamond dealer and designer, has created her own exclusive jewellery line, AS29, which has been called the perfect cure for diamond envy. Drawing on her ingrained knowledge of diamonds and its production techniques – choosing the right stones, paving and setting – Audrey set out to create her own jewellery that meshes technical challenges and creativity. The result is a colourful and creative collection that deviates from traditional fine jewellery, but using the same sophisticated set of technical skills necessary. The new contemporary collection is fun and flirty, floral and feminine. Her signature collection of whimsical butterflies and florals are available at Malmaison. Indian-born, London-based Mawi Keivom is a jewellery designer that marries cutting-edge contemporary style with traditional influences and materials akin to vintage glamour. The result is a spectacular combination of luxurious statement pieces. Mawi’s pieces are those that are bought, worn, collected, cherished and treasured. Transcending seasonal whims and appealing to those of all ages and tastes, Mawi has well and truly captured a niche in the fashion market for contemporary costume jewellery. Marrying together her love for trinkets of yesteryear and a bold contemporary vision, Mawi’s collections provide an ornamental meeting place for the past, present and the future.

This German designer started out as an editor with Vogue magazine in Munich and Madrid and later branched into freelancing for international fashion publications. The many years of thoroughly studying the fashion sector and people have influenced and inspired her to design her very own jewellery collection. 2003 saw the inaugural launch of her first collection and it was an instant hit. Marjana Von Berlepsch’s popular leather bracelet and necklaces in prismatic colors are available in Malmaison. They add as wonderful accessories and jazz up any number instantly. Her other lavishly produced individual pieces would be available later this year at Malmaison.
Fundada em 1979, The Hour Glass lidera o retalho de luxo na região, representando mais de 50 marcas em 24 boutiques, espalhadas por 8 cidades da Ásia-Pacífico.

Estação Cronográfica, que estará toda esta semana em Singapura, vai procurar ter uma primeira impressão, ao vivo, deste espaço Malmaison The Hour Glass, que se pretende o superlativo no Luxo mundial. (clique nas imagens para aumentar, procuraremos fazer melhor in loco...)

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