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terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Bernard Fornas, Presidente da Cartier - "luxo democrático" é copiar para produzir maciçamente

Bernard Fornas, Presidente da Cartier, deu uma entrevista ao diário espanhol Expansión. Citado do Luxury Society:

In an interview to Spanish newspaper Expansion, Bernard Fornas, President International of French maison Cartier, spoke about his vision of luxury and future perspectives.

You are at the helm of an important company, with great responsibility

Over 7.000 people work for Cartier worldwide and Cartier is a pillar of the Richemont Group.

This is a company with immense heritage

Yes and my role is not only to preserve the legacy of Cartier, which is of utmost importance, but also to develop the brand in the 21st century.

What are your future plans?

From March 2013 I am stepping down from my position at Cartier but I shall take on other responsibilities within the Richemont Group

How has your vision and mangement style changed since your tenure at Procter & Gamble?

My values have not changed. But now, I appreciate more elegance, attention to detail, exclusivity and dedication to customer.

Which of your values have remained intact?

Generosity, courage and work through innovation. These are impossible to implement without a team that shares these values.

Exclusivity has given room to glamour for commercial reasons.

This very much depends on the concept of luxury we speak about. For Cartier, luxury is creativity, savoir faire and refinement.

What does ”democratic luxury” suggest to you?

Copying to produce mass volumes. Luxury is about creating beautiful things

You firmly believe in resilience

Yes, and I believe that the capacity to adapt to various environments and to different cultures is vital for the success of a luxury company. But this has to be performed, without compromising the reputation of the brand.

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