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domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

Gc organiza exposição fotográfica itinerante “Moments of Smart Luxury"

 Aspecto da exposição em Istambul

“Moments of Smart Luxury", uma iniciativa começada pela Gc na Baselworld 2011, continua a sua digressão à volta do mundo - um evento fotográfico internacional que revela novos talentos.

Nas últimas semanas, a exposição esteve em Istambul, Dubai e Paris. Antes, tinha sido mostrada na Arábia Saudita. Segue agora para Barcelona.

A Gc é uma marca suíça de relógios, cujo lema é "smart luxury".

 Em Paris

No Dubai

Da marca:

A global concept, yet with local cultural appeal, that aims at capturing moments of personal luxury of creative personalities from around the world – their “Smart Luxury” as they live out their passions in their work. They are all “rising stars” who embody the characteristics of the Gc brand: ambitious, dynamic, self-assured and proud of their success. “Smart Luxury” is the signature of the Gc brand – itself a “rising star” in the Swiss Made watch world. It is that “feel good” sensation that you get when you know and you feel that you have made the right choice, in your creation, in your profession, in your life.

The creative personalities are photographed in their act of creation by the renowned Brazilian-born photographer Pino Gomes, famous for his sensitive eye which enables him to capture the very essence and soul of the people in front of his camera. The perfect artist for Gc to bring to life ‘Moments of Smart Luxury’.

Istanbul: At Istanbul Modern, Gc introduced five personalities who consider their professions and arts more important than their fame and who determine their own pace of life according to their works – all created with great passion: İdil Çimrin, founder and owner of “Giritli İdilica” restaurants, the actor Mert Turak from Istanbul Sehir Tiyatroları, the cartoonist Cemal Söyleyen, the blogger Nilüfer Türkoğlu, and Selim Baklaci fashion designer.

Dubai: At the Voda lounge Zabeel Saray, four upcoming national stars shared their talents with the assembled audience at an elegant luncheon cocktail. Omar Khoori, 24 year old Emirati equestrian and show jumper, Athari Khalfan Obaid Khalfan, 27 year old Emirati painter, Rhoda Oghly, 28 year old Syrian-Canadian sketch artist, and Shayma Ahmed Al Mughairy, 17 year old Omani sand artist, who before the amazed eyes of the assembled company created a Gc XL-S Glam Precious watch in a few seconds out of shimmering sand..

Paris: At the Alcazar, in the presence of Paul Marciano, president and creative director of GUESS Inc. and the creative force behind Gc, five ambitious rising stars presented their works of art to the invited guests: Mari Alcacache, designer and creator of Koshka Mashka, the artist Béatrice Valentine Amrhein, Rémy Barbez florist as well as Betty Campistron and Rosemary Phillips upcoming lyric and jazz singers who regaled guests with their melodious tones.

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