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terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

Design relojoeiro - GP, uma ideia com base nos circuitos de F1

Visto no Tokyoflash:

Design Submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was trying to think of a motor sport themed watch which showed time in recognisable but new way. I decided that I wanted to use the silhouette of GP circuits as my clock face. The facia is removable and can be swapped with a range of facias with different circuits on them. (this principle would work for other shapes too) The watch would be programmed to work with a range of these facias.

The Red LED “car” = hours, the Blue LED “car” = Minutes, and the green LED “car” = Seconds. The silhouette of the circuit forms essentially a analogue face, the LED “cars” travel around the circuit clockwise to tell the time. The red car takes 12 hours to do a lap, the Blue 60 mins and the green 60 seconds. This format would lend itself to some interesting animations.

I would like to think this watch would appeal to motor sport and non-motor sport fans alike.
I think using the silhouette of GP circuits as a means of telling the time sets it apart from other designs. Also the modular interchangeable facias adds an interesting dynamic. I think this concept would also be easy to implement.

Pista dada por Ralf Wokan

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