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segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

O primeiro século da Rolex em livro

Hans Wilsdord, o "pai" da Rolex
A Rolex é uma história de sucesso, que dura há mais de um século. A Mondani editou um livro contando a história dos primeiros 100 anos da marca.

Um pequeno resumo:

Hans Wilsdorf creates the name Rolex. After his death the place at the head of the company is taken by André Heiniger in 1963. In 1992 Patrick Heiniger succeeds his father André as Rolex CEO.

Rolex creates the first really waterproof case in the world. The famous OYSTER is born. The Oyster watch combines an extremely sturdy case, with a case back and a winding crown, all absolutely waterproof. The patented TWINLOCK winding crown is wound against the case and makes this generally very vulnerable point of the watch, extremely resistant. One year later, Mercedes Gleitze, swims across the icy waters of the English Channel wearing a ROLEX OYSTER PRECISION on her wrist. The watch, produced in 1926, made from 9 ct gold with octagonal case (31x27 mm), still worked perfectly after the 15 hours and 15 minutes swim.

The Rolex PRINCE, also nicknamed “Doctor watch”, was introduced for the first time.

The first chronographs with “push-back case” appear. Different models are advertised: from the single button chronographs (refs. 2022-2023-2303) to the chronograph ref. 2508, equipped with two buttons on both sides of the winding crown.

A new chapter in watch history: the ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL is born, the first waterproof selfwinding watch. The automatic movement is mainly identified with a type of watch which attracts the attention of the whole collectors’ world, it is a model which made watch history: the “BUBBLE BACK”, an Oyster usually called “OVETTO” in Italy.

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Guido Mondani Editore
Authors: Franca and Guido Mondani
352 pages, cm 25.5 X 31.5, Italian and English versions
€ 320

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