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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Chegado ao mercado - Buben & Zörweg Object of Time 77

Buben & Zörweg Object of Time 77. Conjunto composto por cofre, com vários rotores eléctricos TIME MOVER® para relógios automáticos, porta-jóias, humidor, bar, quatro relógios, sistema integrado de som com estação para i-Pod e relógio com turbilhão volante. Altura de 1,77 metros. Linhas desenvolvidas pela empresa austríaca em cooperação com a britânica Aston Martin. Limitado a 77 unidades, tal como o modelo One 77 da Aston Martin.

Da marca:

The OBJECT OF TIME® – One-77’s exceptional appearance demonstrates the shared brand philosophy and vision of the two companies, connected through their passion for beauty and aesthetic appeal combined with technical excellence. With the creation of the OBJECT OF TIME®– One-77, Eberhard Hagmann, Head of Design at BUBEN&ZÖRWEG and owner of the Baden-Württemberg-based creative office IDEA Design, and his design team, have at the same time given rise to a true world of experience.

After his journey to Aston Martin’s global headquarters at Gaydon, Hagmann identified with Aston Martin as “a brand which is driven by emotion, leaving a lasting impression that each car created is an aesthetic object of cutting edge design.” Hagmann managed to translate this vision into a truly unique “Object of Time”, incorporating the soul of the One-77, which is limited to 77 pieces like the car. Every feature is fine-tuned to the finest detail of the British luxury car producer’s design language: the high-security safe, a bar, a humidor for cigars, sound system including a subwoofer, and the flying minute tourbillion.

“The OBJECT OF TIME® – One-77 matches the luxury car’s dynamic presence, with its smooth lines and assertive stance, replicating the emotional connection with the consumer”, states Hagmann. The reason for the object’s success is the fusion of two design philosophies and two sets of brand values which resonate with the consumer.. Its unique design reflects the detailed discussion with abstract phenomena, such as time, motion and form, and their mutual interaction. Many years of experience in the design of high-quality, a luxurious object of time and of unique and perfect automobiles has lead to a product that commemorates the One-77 which is regarded as creative, emotional and technically perfect.

About “The OBJECT OF TIME® – One-77”

The first animated presentation of the object of time during Basel World 2011 marked the beginning of the product’s success story: 20 orders have been registered to date, based on this presentation alone. In January 2012, the first masterpieces will go into production. Like Aston Martin’s luxury car, the exclusive OBJECT OF TIME® is limited to 77 pieces. A height of 1.77 meters alludes to the name of the Aston Martin flagship and the number used as a theme throughout its development.

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