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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

Meditações - the ugly tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock

1) Midnight: Solitude in the Great Hall

So many years have passed -
peasants sweated, soldiers campaigned,
lovers were parted, poets rendered mute -
so many years have passed,
until this moment when
I can sit alone, in this great Hall,
sunk in my Throne Chair, comforted by my wine
and prayer book, no, my book of verse.
I can read and doze with no fear of
an assassin's blade, or a jealous wife's
tirade, or even an unruly child. All that
is past, some of it preserved in the Chronicles,
other parts reside contently in my heart.
The only irritation is the ugly tick-tock, tick-tock
of the clock behind me. Always behind me but
edging closer, closer... Even that is tame now.
Whether I keep a strict vigil, or pray to God Almighty,
or even entertain sinful thoughts, none of this matters,
for it is the twilight of my reign....

2) Six in the Morning: An Early Spring Day

So many years have passed -
peasants toiled, soldiers bled,
lovers yearned, poets cried -
so many years have passed,
to reach this moment when
our dynastic wars have ended, and
the four families are content with their titles,
their dazzling revenues, their prosperity within
the shared prosperity of the nation itself:
mineral wealth, foreign colonies, vast farmlands,
everyone will share in this national wealth forever.
Of course, of course, it is all vanity, as Eccelsiastes
warns in the Sacred Book. I am of his mind, and withdraw
into my tower every night and each morning. Oh, angels of mercy,
help us to feast on the goods of life, and safeguard
our peace, our children's peace, our animal companions' peace.

3) Noon: The castle crowd celebrates Princess Judith's 16th Birthday

So many years have passed -
peasants suffered, soldiers suffered,
lovers suffered, poets suffered -
so many years have passed,
to reach this moment when
I can look back on those hard years,
and now only tears are shed,
no more bloodshed stains our land,
a lovely peace has been embraced by
weary warriors and happy, happy folk
ion every village, field, hovel, house, palace
of this my Peaceable Kingdom, and yours, my people.
I have taken much care of this, and spread Heaven's
superflux once given to me over all my people.
And humility occupies the chambers of my heart,
pride has been expelled, an outcast, not welcome
at our feasts, our Holy Day festivities, our quiet times,
and so we live and thrive....

4) Evening: An unexpected spring snowfall

So many years have passed -
peasants harvest, soldiers triumph,
lovers unite, poets sing -
so many years have passed,

to reach this moment when,
I can drink my glass of wine, and
drink another, I can sit here
in this Great Hall, alone or
with boisterous, sentimental old friends.
I can linger in my galleries and admire
the finest paintings of our age. Or visit
my Library where the most talented book makers
ply their trade increasing our treasures, and
the best teachers guide children from palaces
and hovels to read, think, dream... Or
I can enter my small chapel, kneel and give thanks.
My father's coat of arms featured a Horn of Plenty,
overflowing with good things, sweet things, hoarded things,
next to the Horn were the spear and sword he used to subdue
his restless peasants, more hostile to him than his greedy
neighbors, the Families. I have tipped that Horn
and poured out its treasures for All to Enjoy.

5) Midnight: The revelry is over, the Great Hall is silent, Ludwig the Wise sits in royal solitude in his Throne Chair

So many years have passed -
peasants are free, soldiers fight no more,
lovers make families, poets sing paens to peace -
so many years have passed,
to reach this moment when,
the King sleeps, embraced in happy dreams; his servants
have gently wrapped him in blankets, and watch over
his sleep; outside a cascade of snow covers everything -
trees, bushes, lawns, palaces and huts - in the purest carpet
of shining crystalline white. A great calm descends
on the clock face of the Kingdom of Ludwig the Wise.

Daniel Brick

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