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segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2018

Meditações - mundo relógio e quântico

Ours is not only a clock-universe
But also bizarre quantum-universe
Present simultaneously both within and without us
The former offers a determinant world
Giving a sense of security;
The latter offers indeterminate feel for things of innate beauty
The former is a must
For ensuring the endurance of a man;
While the latter is must for divulging quality of life for the same
And both being vital for life in balance as a blessed man

While the intellect strives
To endure stability for souls in living
Holistic love strives to secure inner fulfillment in giving
So head is designed to protect our ego
For sheer survival needs;
While heart is critical to satisfy us in our holistic feeds
Celebrating Nature's bounty
Offering us chances to link globally
For a life of unity with abundant global beauty

Quantum world is all about
ongoing processes in our universe;
Often felt as links in relation to happenings around us
To make own compassionate links
Amidst our given chances,
From an array of flowing vortices using our mind-body power
Taking advantage of feedback gifts
To change the local dynamics
Thus fulfill self-renewal with feedback rectifying power

So, my friends!
Let us not live as the helpless haggard or miser living in misery
Being so rich by virtue of the gifts, let's wisely use own treasury!

Tushar Ray

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