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terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2022

Meditações - eternidade

Well, let us consider a favorite topic of Christian thinkers: the topic of eternity. This concept, historically speaking, was one great new idea brought by Christianity to the world. We are pretty sure that eternity exists - that the word 'eternity' refers to something actual, in contrast, say, to the word 'angels.' Eternity is simply a state in which you are free from and somehow out of and above time. There is no past, present, and future; there is just pure ontological being. 'Eternity' is not a word denoting merely a very long time; it is essentially timeless. Well, let me ask this: Are there any changes that take place there; i.e., take place outside of time? Because if you say, 'Yes, eternity is not static; things happen,' then I at once smile knowingly and point out that you have introduced time once more. The concept 'time' simply denotes - or rather posits - a condition or state or stream - whatever - in which change occurs. No time, no change. Eternity is static. But if it is static, it is even less than long-enduring; it is more like a geometric point; an infinitude of which can be determined along any given line. Viewing my theory about orthogonal or lateral change, I defend myself by saying, 'At least it is intellectually less nonsensical than the concept of eternity.' And everyone talks about eternity, whether they intend to do anything about it or not.

Philip K. Dick

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