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sexta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2017

As Boas Festas dos relógios MB&F e uma história com final feliz...

De Maximiliam Busser e Amigos (MB&F) recebemos os votos de Boas Festas e o relato de uma história com final feliz:

At the risk of cluttering your inbox with yet another email – in a very untimely way just before the festive season! – I wanted to thank you for your friendly support and continued interest this past year.

I also seize this opportunity to tell you the fortunate ending of a surprising story. It starts rather dramatically: as you may recall, a few months ago, our M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva was the target of an armed robbery. My colleagues were tied up and threatened at gunpoint by two well-dressed criminals, posing as potential customers. Luckily no physical violence occurred, but my colleagues were understandably shaken… and the display windows and safe of the gallery were thoroughly emptied. The thieves took dozens of timepieces, including our “museum” pieces no longer in production: the Horological and Legacy Machines which form the irreplaceable memory of our Horological Lab. In addition to the trauma caused by the incident itself, we were shattered by the material loss.

At the time, we received countless messages of support from our Friends around the world, which is why we owe you the story’s conclusion now. In a totally unexpected, surprisingly swift and efficient turn of events, the police forces of Switzerland, France and Belgium were able to patiently track the criminals across those three countries, all the way to Antwerp. In a final scene that seems taken directly from a B-movie, Belgian police – disguised as the boisterous fans of a local football team! – took the crooks by surprise and arrested them in a restaurant, as they were preparing to sell their ill-gotten gains to a fellow thug. We were incredibly lucky: every single stolen timepiece was still with the gang, in decent condition despite some scratches and other minor damages.

The final steps of the story took a little longer. Considered as evidence in the following proceedings, our timepieces were seized by the Belgian authorities. The fact that the investigation covered three countries and their corresponding police forces and judicial systems did not speed up the process – but we finally received our precious Machines a few months later. A very happy conclusion to this crazy and hopefully unique story!

From everyone at MB&F, thanks again for all your thoughts and messages in 2017. And on a lighter note, our very, very best wishes for a fantastic New Year!

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