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terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016

Relógios Breguet apresentam em Tóquio peças dedicadas a Marie-Antoinette

Este fim-de-semana, em Tóquio, a Breguet organizou na Résidence de France uma festa para marcar a inauguração da exposição “Marie-Antoinette, a Queen in Versailles”.

Num tributo à memória de Marie-Antoinette, uma cliente fiel de Abraham-Louis Breguet, a manufactura suíça de alta relojoaria apresentou duas novas criações.

Em cima, o Classique Rose de la Reine, exemplar único, evocando os jardins do Petit Trianon. Em 1774, o seu marido, Louis XVI, deu a Marie-Antoinette um castelo, dizendo-lhe: “Gosta de flores, Madame, por isso tenho um bouquet para lhe oferecer: o Petit Trianon.”

Da marca:

The sovereign soon fell under the spell of this uniquely refined place that afforded her the privilege of retreating from the strict protocol of the French court. The part she most loved were the gardens, which she entirely redesigned when she settled there. And it would seem she nurtured a special affection for roses. The one-of-a-kind Classique Rose de la Reine in white gold highlights a particular variety of these flowers that graced her gardens: “Rosa Centifolia Bullata”.

Breguet’s artisans have opted for the technique of enamelling in order to do justice to the beauty of these dainty blooms. While the Manufacture is already familiar with this artistic craft featured on several of its timepieces, it draws upon a complementary procedure for this model. Working on a Grand Feu enamel dial base, the enameller creates a motif by applying powders of various colours so as to create a miniature painting. It goes without saying that this method calls for exemplary dexterity on the part of the artisan. Each colour, each nuance and each shading effect results from applying a different powder, using a brush made of sable hairs that are notably appreciated for their extreme thinness. This process calls for considerable patience, since applying each separate shade is followed by an appropriate drying time and then firing in a kiln heated to over 800°C. Further enhancing the magic of this work of art, Breguet has adorned the Clasique Rose de la Reine with diamonds and endowed it with its own most emblematic attributes. The time is thus read off using the classic Breguet open-tipped hands in white gold, while the minute circle is composed of tiny gold dots, leaving ample scope for the splendour of the enamelled dial. A mechanical self-winding movement visible through a sapphire-crystal caseback sets the final touch to this prestigious timepiece.

O Breguet Classique Rose de la Reine tem caixa de ouro branco, com diamantes, vidro de safira na frente e no verso. No mostrador de esmalte, a representação de uma “Rosa Centifolia Bullata”. Calibre automático, da manufactura (Breguet 591 C), com escape e espiral de silício.

O Breguet Désir de la Reine evoca as relações estabelecidas entre Marie-Antoinette e Abraham-Louis Breguet, suíço estabelecido grande parte da sua vida activa em Paris.

Da marca:

The queen’s love of his timepieces earned Breguet an enviable reputation. The sovereign promoted his name at the French court, of which the most eminent figures soon became clients. In tribute to this influential and singular admirer, Breguet adorns its most exceptional models with refined ornamentation drawing inspiration from the majesty of the floral universe, from paintings of that era, and from the splendidly intricate workmanship of court gowns.

Com caixa de ouro branco e diamantes, esta peça simultaneamente de alta relojoaria e alta joalharia tem mostrador de madrepérola, com safiras. No interior, um calibre automático, da manufactura (Breguet. Cal. 586), com escape e espiral de silício.

Em baixo, imagens da festa dada em Tóquio pela Breguet

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