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domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

Meditações - a norma ISO para Data e Tempo

Daniel Kahneman is world’s leading psychologist, Nobel Prize in economics for creating the field of Behavioral Economics. He has written the book called Thinking : Fast and Slow which describes the human behavior with System 1 and System 2. Telling time when looking at a wrist watch is a pure System 1 activity- a glance is enough because the "code" is so deep and familiar that in an instant you "know" the time without thinking hard about it. But the ISO breaks that code - it is a System 2 watch. You cannot in an instant read the time you have to switch to System 2. This creates a more intimate and reflective relationship with this watch - it takes a few seconds now to "know" the time ; but you know the time "better" with the ISO because your attention is much higher. You definitely have a deeper intellectual relationship with this watch because System 1 does not work.

Sobre a norma ISO 8601, respeitante ao formato da Data e do Tempo, vá aqui.

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